OneFood explainer - English

We had so much fun working with OneFood on this animated explainer video.

OneFood offers the opportunity for local producers to place their products on the App. The final customer has then the possibility to shop the grocery on the App choosing the products from his preferred producers. They go a bit against the supermarket philosophy to help neighborhood shops. OneFood believes that quality is important and therefore you can receive your groceries at home by choosing the meat from the butcher that you like, the fruit from the farmers that you like, the milk from the dairy that you like, and so on. OneFood then takes care of going to all the stores to pick up the groceries and bring them to the final customer.

Furthermore, the customer has the possibility to order today to receive the shopping tomorrow being able to select the time of delivery that he prefers, preserving the freshness and the quality of the products.

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Final Frames

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Behind the Scenes

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Parva Studio

Creative/art director
Amir Parva

Motion designer
Abolfazl Babaei

Illustrator and designer
Kimia Barhemmat

Sound designer
Alexander Maslyuk